Go Bags


GO BAGS are an essential piece of equipment for an Expat living in any country. This is especially true in more unstable countries like China, Colombia or Rwanda. There are many reasons for having a GO BAG which range from natural disasters like earthquakes, loss of power from a typhoon, all the way to man made disasters like Government collapse or war. I will be writing a series of articles about what I keep in my Expat GO BAG for when it’s time to bug out and everyday carry items to ensure you are ready for the unexpected. 


In my opinion there are basically two types of GO BAGS. The GO BAG for the average person who’s living and working in their home country and the GO BAG for the expat living and or working in a foreign Country. I happen to be an Expat living and working in China so I am going to write about what I call the EXPAT GO BAG.

What is a GO BAG? Also known as a BUGOUT BAG or BOB, this piece of equipment is  a specific bag filled with lifesaving medical supplies, emergency food, survival gear and other  equipment necessary for safety . An EXPAT GO BAG is pretty much the same thing only with a few other important items that will be detailed in upcoming articles.


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