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  EXPAT GO BAG            

             So, you’ve made the decision that you’re going to make an EXPAT GO BAG for yourself and you may be asking yourself what kind of bag do I get? Well you have a ton of choices to choose from. From the type of bag, size and what material the bag is made from are all important choices that need to be considered. Let me start with the type of bag first. There are at least 3 types of bags that would make a great GO BAG: Backpack/Rucksack, Messenger bag and Sling Pack. Before I dive in to the bags I want to note that I am writing this article primarily for Expats living outside their home country who just need to get out of their location in the event of an emergency. EXPAT GO BAGS for abroad and GO BAGS for Domestic emergencies on home ground will be a little different as to what you keep inside.

                Backpack/Rucksack- The Backpack or Rucksack will be the most popular choice. This type of bag typically have more room and pockets to stash your stuff, but they can be bulky and the more room you have in a bag the more likely you are to stuff it with things that will just make the pack heavier. Weight can add up and will just wear you out and slow you down. A Backpack or Rucksack will also be smellier as its on your back and sucks up all the sweat and dirt.  As with any GO BAG just fill it with the basics to reduce weight.

                Messenger Bag- A messenger bag is my current type of bag I use for my EXPAT GO BAG. The typical messenger bag for me is just about the right size for what I need in my EXPAT GO BAG kit for when something terrible happens and I have to get out of my apartment here in Central China.  I can get home, grab it, throw it over my shoulder and get out.

                Sling Pack- I have not tried the sling pack myself yet but that is another good option to go with. Sling Packs go over your shoulder just like the messenger bag but they fit closer to your body for a more comfortable fit. This helps if you’re running and the bag won’t be flopping around so much like the messenger bag will. Sling Packs are also good because you can wear them on your back or on your chest comfortably for easy access. Now again depending on the size of the sling pack they are usually a little smaller volume so you can’t carry as much as a Messenger, Backpack or Rucksack bag.

                Material- You can get any of these bags in a variety of materials and designs. From Canvas, Nylon, Polyester and more. The Important thing to remember when choosing a bag is make sure its Waterproof or at least Water Resistant.


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